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Enhance the Value of Commercial Real Estate Assets

We pride ourselves on being able to listen to our customers and work with them to develop solutions that truly enhance their commercial assets and working environments while reducing their operating expenses. Many times, an initial lighting upgrade project leads us to uncover additional sources of savings for our customers. We are not in business to sell products and move on. We believe in fostering ongoing customer relationships built upon trust, results, and success.


Benefits of LED Upgrade Projects:

  • Save up to 80% kWh usage on lighting portion of utility bills
  • LEDs do not generate nearly as much heat as fluorescent and incandescent lamps
    • Approximately 90% of the energy used by incandescent lamps is converted to heat, not light
  • Life span of LED lamps and fixtures may be over 2-4 times those of fluorescent and HID lamps, and over thirty times those of incandescent lamps and fixtures
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • LEDs do not contain toxic metals such as the mercury found in fluorescent and CFL lamps
    • No special handling required upon disposal
  • LEDs have instant on/off capability (no warm-up period)
  • LED lamps are more resistant to shocks, vibrations and external impacts
  • Flexible design: LEDs can be customized to meet specific user requirements
  • LEDs operate in hot and cold environments
  • LEDs operate on very low voltage

Energy Audit Partners Expertise

  • Complete Analysis of Current Lighting Situation
    • Existing fixtures, lamps, configurations
    • Usage habits, hours of operation
    • Utility billing analysis
    • Parking lot photometric analysis (see image below)
    • Project comparison of LED upgrade to new fixture/retro-fit options vs. existing configurations
      • LED flat panel fixtures
      • LED tubes (direct install & ballast bypass)
      • LED Plug and play CFL retro-fits
      • LED parking lot new fixtures/retro-fits
      • Utility savings comparison of LED versus
        • Incandescent
        • Fluorescent
        • HID (metal halide, high pressure sodium…)
      • Includes project labor/installment costs
      • Estimate of available rebates
      • Analysis of payback period, net present value, & project internal rate of return
  • Innovative/customized solutions:
    • Available for unique situations
    • Work with our manufacturers to design LED customized retrofits
  • Project funding solutions
    • Independent 3rd party sources to fund projects
    • Can be driven by utility savings generated through upgrade projects
  • Project Management from start to finish
    • Analysis and pricing
    • Materials sourcing for maximum utility and rebate benefit
    • Hands-on site management
    • Proven & insured electricians/installers
    • Proper removal/disposal of existing mercury fluorescent tubes, lamps, and CFLs
  • Rebate filings:
    • PECO, PP&L, Met Ed etc.
    • Source materials to maximize rebate compliance requirements: UL & DLC lamps and fixtures
    • Other rebate & grant sources as applicable to specific projects
    • May also be able to file for previously completed projects (includes HVAC, variable speed drives etc.)





Jerry W.  Retail Store Owner:

The Energy Audit Partners team upgraded all the lighting in our store to LED lamps and fixtures. This included a combination of new LED flat panel fixtures to replace fluorescent tubes and retro-fit solutions for specialty fixtures we wanted to retain. The work was coordinated with our store hours to minimize customer disruptions, and the result was a much brighter and more pleasant work environment. They were extremely conscientious about keeping the store clean both during and after completion of the project. One of the new fixtures malfunctioned within two days after the project was completed and they had it replaced within two hours.

In addition to the enhanced work environment, our power bills are significantly lower as promised, they filed all the paperwork for our utility rebates, and provided financial information about our investment and the financial returns we can expect. All told, a positive experience!


Vicky C.  Multiple Center Owner/Franchisee, The UPS Store:

Jeff and his team at Energy Audit Partners have been wonderful to work with. Initially, they performed an audit at both of my UPS Stores. We elected to install upgraded, more energy efficient lighting in both locations and we are thrilled with the results, economically and aesthetically!

I happily referred Jeff to our property management team which led to additional assignments for Jeff’s company, as well as some equally happy, more energy-efficient neighbors.

Descriptive words for Jeff and Energy Audit Partners? Professional, efficient, prompt, attentive, accommodating, conscientious and thorough. Well done, Jeff and team!!



Dana B.  Multiple Location Facility Manager:

Jeff and Lance presented very detailed financial analyses of the investment and returns for labor, materials, and rebates to do a complete lighting upgrade of our office building and parking lot areas. They modelled the usage habits of our existing variety of fluorescent tube fixtures, CFLs, and incandescent bulbs versus the installation of LEDs. The result was a terrific, on budget, transformation of our office work environment. The lighting is noticeably brighter, all the lamp colors are the same, and we are saving a significant amount on our utility bill. Their installation team had the flexibility to get the job done without disturbing our office routines, and they were able to come up with some tough to find specialty fixtures.


Before & After







A parking lot photometric study enables us to compare the existing lux/foot-candle (brightness or light intensity) and light dispersion levels, for a parking area, to the levels expected after an LED upgrade.

Photometric Parking Lot analysis of a local hotel.